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Battlefield V, a great match and good fight

Battlefield has always been my favorite FPS (First Person Shooter). Battles are real battles between many players, with open stages and all sorts of vehicles, captivating and distinguishing from other war games.

In this regard Battlefield V recently saga what the truth is about, excellent and varied scenarios. Snow Mountain, villages, fields and cities make Battlefield V different scenarios, all the elements, but they are points against the amount. This is not so much, so it will not take long.

TotallyThere are 8 maps on the start of the game, all the details that are visually appealing and stuffed.
When Battlefield 1 was released, they appeared amongst the generation-of-the-art graphics, now Battlefield V is not far behind and introduces a level of detail in every scenario that is fully immersed in the game.

We test through the game Nvidia GeForce 1070 and this has not been a problem and has worked perfectly with graphical data.This opportunity can be appreciated by Nvidia to provide a review code.

It's another attractive scenario Many elements that are destroyed as a result of the fight, Thus, at the beginning of the game, a town will have all its houses in good condition, but within 15 or 20 minutes, most of the destroyed buildings will be completely different.

The attractiveness of this game is amazing and fascinating from the beginning In the most important wars of the Second World War you use different soldiers.

Gameplay Battlefield V presents some series New features, especially by teamwork.

Among them, when you throw down, all your team allies must go to the doctor. Team work is essential to make progress without losing it. In the same way, each player can only make a first aid kit, so you should look for a healthcare point you use once or you will not be able to resist the fight.

Given your limited number of health, and your allies can help, your team is very important The player can choose four classes with different specializations. This will spend a lot of time in search of the best class that you can with you, whether your team is a doctor (not only can you revive your team), but also focus on the attack class or the fight. confession

It has been added to online game matches, Battlefield V story has an attractive way, with four stories (three are now available), Although they are very short for about 5 hours, they give a different perspective of the game, especially because they do not give freedom to different online games.

But if everything is not perfect, we have to talk about the problems of Battlefield V. It's the biggest of them A large number of errors that occur in multiplayer mode, Some of them distract from grace and others and interfere with the game experience.

There were several games where the characters began to die before killing more than a half or a half kilometers before starting to die in the air, unpleasant problems in the game, errors that do not affect the game … Only if there were no problems, this would not be a problem.

Perhaps the biggest mistake is sometimes The weapon is loaded in the middle, and although it is in the corner, it does not move, but it looks, so it becomes almost impossible to predict correctly. This bug did not close the game and force it While classes are changing, it can be fixed, definitely quite annoying.

Good thing like that Bugs updates can be fixed, But the point is not to start the game.

In the end, Battlefield V is not an excellent game, battles are more exciting than ever, a wonderful appearance scenario, although for the moment, there is very good gameplay, but bugs … cunning … Without a doubt, they will have enough among the best prize games.

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