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Battlefield V – LevelUp


Since its controversial controversy, Battlefield V It is a game that has been a lips on everyone, but it is unpleasant, such as the realistic personalisation of the personalization and the incorporation of women into the roles of the fight; unfortunately, absurdly. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in our experience Battlefield V It is much more far away from seeing complaints of a minority voice than it really is and offers the game: one of the most enduring and addictive multiplayer moments.

This time, those who make up the package Battlefield V It distributes the two main components, the most important and most important, and, finally, the narrative section that has been released in the final version, which represent emotional histories that have made little reflection. In other words, review the external component.

This delivery may reduce the device's disturbances within the conflicting war that is inspired; They are 3 stories and they will complement you later. There you will find emotional narratives about the war and the messages of the people who participated in it. Perhaps the most powerful is the story that is called Tirailleur, a story that is controlled by a husband, who is called to defame the homeland that despises him and who has never seen it. It is part of the French French colonization of the French Empire and reveals a strong contrast to nationalism, racism and fraternity. Like other hit movies, other stories have something to say, but the feeling is ephemeral and tough, they are very short and cinematic sequences are constantly interrupted.

"You will find emotional narratives with strong messages about war"

The level structure is less open. As a result, designs follow the basis of the whole war that confesses the franchise; Here you will have to meet the targets in a distant place: the sabotage of vehicles in a villa, the papers agreed to with the nuclear power station and the deterioration of the track supplies at the other end of the map. The peculiarities of the design of war stories are: stealth strategy is optional, where machines that can be expected from a heading using these mechanics. For example, enemy soldiers patrol the area known to your position, to hear the alarm tower of the communication tower; By your side, the device allows sabotage to reach strength in the battlefield. However, this design is limited, as the freedom that protects the level is cut to an arbitrary point that starts script development. It is placed above the target while the enemy does not pay attention, slowing down the action and deactivating the chaos behind them, including alarm.

With war stories, though short, DICE makes reference to narrative issues to showcase human stories that may be behind one of the most horrific conflicts in history. This implies an admirable achievement. However, we believe that its execution was polar, because the action sequences cause breaths and, sometimes, it limits their structures because the film aspect is of great importance, which starts an unpleasant moment.

War stories

That said, the wide variety of components, since it defined the franchise's defining aspects, is a well-established exercise, but above all, safe and proven. Thus, there will be a maturation of group dynamics due to the fresh sensation being analyzed in series. For this post, Battlefield V The key dynamics of competitiveness are defined by teams and teams, providing flexibility and independence, as well as punishing individual gambling rules.

"Battlefield V redefines the key dynamics of experience"

The previous feeling is the introduction of mechanics, such as erosion, movement and changes to the resurrection of the participants. In this new battle, all classes create a reduced ammunition, just like a couple of weapons, to provide army support classes with their friends. After that, the doctor does not have the only class that can revive the battalion's fallen members, however, any class can create injured soldiers, that is to say, as a squadron. On the other hand, the medical class continues working without previous separations.

Also, Battlefield V It is a very dynamic delivery when we talk about movements and animations. Here, the agility of the soldiers remains essential elements, without much effort to overcome the cover and walls; Characters can be strained organically depending on the situation, when viewed on the screen, for example, when you go back to the floor when you go back and see your backspace, your weight gives a visual expression to Your position on the map.

Fighting experience is fluid, chaotic and satisfying
Fighting experience is fluid, chaotic and satisfying

The result, as we have already said, is to increase the dynamics of the cooperative sense of independence in a group dynamics, in order to revitalize and revitalize the supporters of a group, which creates a close relationship between each participant. A refreshing experience, both methodical and strategic, and always full of action. The highest point of the work team is that all patrol members work properly, because they receive special series recipes. This allows the direct supervisor to gain power of flying: the mythical German missile capable of destroying an entire V2 army.

"A good addition to the series"

Similarly, new novels on new experiences seem to be possible today to place fortifications on arbitrary maps. It revolutionizes the game system, it is now possible to change the battle for you to create attacks and defense opportunities, you can build walls, trenches and even renovation centers, as well as artillery and anti-air conditioning. control points For this reason, we believe that the series is added, although its setting is a bit confusing because its appearance is arbitrary, sometimes you can build it, but the most mysterious one shines in other ways.

Next, combat system Battlefield V Compared to what has been seen historically in the series, complex mechanics remain as an output velocity and a shot rate, among others, among many other franchised real estate systems. This time, the army disassembly system and deviation system will be replaced by a competitive system. This position Battlefield V With regard to other games of the current competition with which the same system is used, ultimately, it is a good and modern game. The result is a war surrender, with extraordinary fighting system, that is, learning organic and intuitive; We are not exaggerating when we say that the fighting system is the highest point in the series.

Personalization elements are applied to characters, weapons and vehicles
Personalization elements are applied to characters, weapons and vehicles

In addition, weapons have passive abilities, which change their behavior, which element we are not so pleased, so that all new offers to unlock their progress allow special points to enable their skills. By the way, Battlefield V it has a resistance progression system; That is, to unlock each of the weapons and artifacts of each class, each one must be used and the ladder must step up from 1 to 1, with the possibility of each weapon. After determining the hidden potential of each weapon and class, the system shines to fit a weapon and class that offers its greatest potential, depending on your game. The only thing that deceives us is to penalize players who start enjoying the experience, because they do not just have the necessary tools, they see them at a disadvantage.

"Battlefield V is one of the best part of the series"

Although it questions the decisive design of the game, do not let the top cheat, Battlefield V It is one of the best series consignments, especially because it is a great fighting system, although DICE is missing a lot of work, Battlefield V Get your maximum potential. In order to name a few anti-party parties, it depends on the values ​​that support the balance of 4 class classes in arms and the supply of combat roles. If they refer to expressions, exercises in different areas will not be as effective as others, but feel as compulsory as a competitive opportunity.

Looking for mixed roses
Looking for mixed roses

As for classes, the attack team is dominated by battlefields with aggression rifles, with the right training, which is destructive to any game scenario; Similarly, tanks are armored nightmares and can also be equipped with rocket launcher and dynamite. On the other hand, the medical class suffers from crusaders, due to the limited scarcity of weapons that are limited by submachine. This is counterpoint to backing up, which makes it possible to impede 3 types of weapons. weapons, that is, medium machine pistols, light machines and shotguns. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we are optimistic about achieving a healthy balance with future updates.

"Battlefield V offers attractive options for all FPS enthusiasts"

About gaming modes, Battlefield V He offers some tried and tested ways of the past, such as the classic battles against classic conquests, and the fight against the Domination and Team Deathmatch battles. Additionally, recent additions have come back, but they are taking place like the Breaktrough fights, to achieve the goal of overcoming the defense of enemies and deepening the enemy's lands. Likewise, the final delivery operations are efficiently translated into large operations as a film game, where there are multiple conflicts that take place during periods of wars and victories and wins. Narrations to define the winner. And in all this, the war continues the promise of the War Waves, and it resembles a great campaign that evolves in weeks. In short, Battlefield V All FPS enthusiasts are offered attractive choices for those who like classical experience, as well as those who want to be close and personal confrontations.

Evolution of climate change Battlefield V

We find it in the customization section Battlefield V The authenticity of the conflict that has been remembered is a little bit more. Here we find that the character can change its appearance and sex, and this aspect allows us to think that uniforms are flat, without any badges or representations that identify their level and favor. Another weapon in the armed weapon is that it is the same offer of both sides and it is a strange thing to start a game inside Axis Powers through a British machining gun. Here we made an effort and it is a great opportunity to offer an asymmetric system of games that both sides use different warfare and warfare artifacts.

Nowadays, the level of personalization is very basic and offers thematic options that you can wear in a variety of themed uniforms. The application is very basic and simplistic and the game system does not add too much, even if players find the carrot at the end of the yard, even if they enjoy it.

"It's a pleasure to gather love for almost the patient's surroundings and maps."

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