Wednesday , October 20 2021

BBVA begins a forum selling process


The organization believes that, despite the business and business attractiveness, banking business sales "start the revision process."

After the sale of the Scotiabank bank, BBVA only has the Forum in Chile, the automotive financial services company. And although there were always rumors of a possible sale, the Spaniards never wanted to exclude their business. So far

Through key plans for Spanish and Spanish regulators, BBVA has announced the speech "The process of analyzing alternative forums".

According to Basque origin, "alternatives include a full or partial sale of the Forum when the process ends with a sale". BBVA has reported that "the process will take several quarters."

Everything indicates that Madrid has changed its ownership of the company in the country, at the last meeting of BBVA Chilean shareholders, CEO Manuel Olivares, said the company had not sold it. However, there was no interest in obtaining a forum.

The company has launched a total of 22% of total sales, which has sold profits for the third quarter of the year to $ 38 billion, up 8% until 2017.

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