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Becky G explained why he spoke English rather than Spanish

American singer Becky G With his Instagram account, he explains why he speaks English in English rather than his followers, some of them are puzzled by who uses his language.

"Why are you going? Why are so many? As Becky tells me, they say a lot in my comments about why Becky speaks Spanish in Spanish, he does not write in Spanish, sing songs in Spanish only, "said the artist, four grandparents from Mexico.

"Because I like it, I love that and that's it It's a problem (yours) why are you still following me?. I can not speak Spanish, but I want to speak English, it's my first language, "added Becky.

In his confused accents, the singer explains "I speak of being the daughter of the world"and he recorded his mother, he said" his first language was English and he learned a bit in Spanish, but it was difficult for him to learn, because we were a child of autism, and we decided to speak English in order to get a better understanding. ".

"We all are Mexicans We speak Spanish at home"added the mother Rebbeca Marie GómezHe has recorded the name of the singer born in the United States.


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