Sunday , January 24 2021

Belén Mora Censored "MCC" section: TV and shows can be moved from one program to another

Belén Mora is one of the most popular comic book publishers and, on January 18, the Olmué Festival of Huás will be held from January 17 to 20.

The event organized by TVN was attended by humorists Good morning as a guest and explain your presentation details, as well as your negotiation With Morandé company, this year.

"Their intention is to continue for me With Morandé company, my intention is to have a place to create content, if it were wonderful With Morandé company. I'm in my career I have to create content and do not have any script and do it, this is new"Belenaza said.

He also explained that he is willing to negotiate with the producer Kike 21 in his day, but that he needs to create his own content.

In addition, he stressed in another aspect that in 2018 he was a good year, in the field of work, he had some disadvantages as one of his most controversial concerts: Los Castos.

Was the censorship Mora said yes. "I will talk to myself, not my colleagues. We totally censored Toto as" Los Castos ", a remote satire, and when we did the studio, they did not laugh, they made strange gestures, but that was also the reaction and social networks The reactions were also "He said

"But for a moment they told us that there is no need to go somewhere else to take their own friend or politician. But he has to keep watch of "# |" the comedy "he added.

That is why he clarified that "I certify that more than silver is a space for creating content. Reading a brochure if I return" I'm dying, I need to invent questions ".

"All my life has been overcome, how many years Natalia (Cuevas) did Michelle Bachelet and my partner Michelle Bachelet have done if that was what you never laugh at right or"he finished.

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