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Bencinas accumulates a fall of 69 dollars and will be reduced to the end of February | economy


The government has said that the fuel price has fallen for the next seven weeks. The ministry of finance, Felipe Larraín, announced the reduction of gasoline and diesel value to the end of February.

At the beginning of October, the fall in prices would be added to October, which accumulates 70 autumn flats. The executive estimates that at the end of February they will reduce the average fuel price by 100 pesos, that is to say, 150 billion annual savings, in exchange for a 1,500-mile vehicle per month, according to the Secretary of State.

"Chilean will be the most important in public holidays at the price of petrol stations," he said.

The fall of the break is not due to the merit of the Government, because the fall in the price of fuel is directly related to the international scope, said the academician of the University of Santiago, Hernán Frigolet, "we have a rise in pressure on the one side (Dollar)."

At the same time, the inadequate fall in the twelfth week affects the decline of inflation, and according to the financial minister, there are loans with UF loans, among other things.

ARCHIVE | ONE agency
ARCHIVE | ONE agency

Indeed, the National Oil Company (ENAP) has explained that prices have fallen again thanks to the Fuel Pricing Stabilization Mechanism (MEPCO), avoiding the rise in the price of the dollar.

According to the state company, from January 10 to Wednesday, January 16, 93 octane gasoline will be lowered to 5.8 pesos, and 725.7 pesos will be a reference, losing the twelfth succession and setting a minimum level of $ 69.

In this way, the october 97 will release the tenth week (-5.8), with a weight of 746.5 liters for 62.2 million euros.

The diesel, however, will have a weight of 547.3 pesos per liter, 5,8 less than the previous week. Kerosene, in the same line, will receive a new fall, which is -5.9 and reaches 461 liters.

In the meantime, Liquefied Gas (LPG) will be 202.4 pesos, compared to the previous week, when a decrease of 6.9 pesos will be recorded.

The prices correspond ENAP reference valueswhich are only looking for important information on the fuel market, according to the National Energy Commission's Online Fuel Pricing Information System.

In fact, the company has stated that the document that defines Chile's consumer values ​​is not entirely free, since the Chilean market is open, competitive and inappropriate.

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