Monday , January 24 2022

Bencinas added a week later with a drop in prices. | economy


The National Oil Company (ENAP) on Wednesday, the prices registered in the fuel prices fell this Thursday, thanks to the Fuel Price Adjustment Mechanism (Mepco), avoiding the rise in fuel prices. dollar

According to the state company, from January 10, it will get 93 octane petrol per liter -5.8 pesos 725.7 pesos as a reference, marking its twelfth continuous loss.

In this way, 97 octanos will launch the tenth week (-5.8 million) 746.5 weight per liter.

Diesel, on the other hand, will arrive 547.3 pesos per liter, 5.8 less than the previous week.

Kerosene, in the same line, will record a new fall, which is -5.9 461 pesos liter

Meanwhile, it will remain a liquefied gas (LPG) 202.4 pesos, which registered 6.9 million drops in the previous week.

These prices will be governed Thursday 10 and Wednesday, January 16.

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