Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Bencinas followed by the tenth week

du Prices of gasoline will fall into the 19th row per weekAccording to the National Petroleum Company (ENAP), in the periodic report.

In fact, 93 and 97 petrol stations will fall into a 5.8 liter liter Each one at 685.1 and 705.9 pesos per liter of higher prices, respectively.

du Diesel will decrease by 4.4 liters, which will increase the price of 508.1 pesos liter per liter.

For its part, Paraffin will increase by 6.3 pesos per liter, With a wholesale value of 480.5 pesos.

Meanwhile, liquefied gas will raise 3.7 pesos per liter and increase the value of 202.8 pesos.

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