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Bencinas sets a new weekend in the volume of international markets in the economy

du National Petroleum Company (ENAP)), on Wednesday, this Thursday, it will show prices that bear fuel prices until February 6.

According to the state company, a liter of gasoline 93 octane It will drop $ 5.8, 708.3 pesos as a reference, lost in the fifteenth row.

The same change was registered 97 octane, 72 at a deficit of 72 twelve pesos, 729.1 pesos. du diesel It will also be reduced to $ 5.8 per 529.9 pesos per liter.

du keroseneHowever, it will be $ 3.7, 496.4 pesos per liter.

For its part, liquefied gas (LPG) It will mark an increase of $ 6 for € 213.3 million.

According to ENAP, "after a number of days, oil prices have steadily boosted, the volatility has gone back to the markets, the fear of excessive supply of products, the slowdown in the growth of the Chinese economy and the recent projections of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have been key in the current context."

"The orders between the United States and Chinese presidents, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping also helped to reduce the excess inventory of over-the-counter world inventories. The market has come to an end that the United States will achieve a Chinese trade agreement in the coming days," they said.

"In particular, the agency announced that the world economy has grown by 3.5%, 0.2% less than projected in October 201. The economic downturn, especially for the stabilization of freight tariffs imported from the United States of the United States from 2018, led to a rise in the market in both countries They were great to carry out a commercial war. "

"The changes in environmental regulations in different countries have also affected these numbers," they concluded.

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