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Best Android 2018 innovations

It's the end of the year, and it's a reality in 2018 that we're very pleased with the innovations of different manufacturers. Android, especially Chinese, who have cleared their product strengths, being the most innovative of all Android manufacturers.

That's why this year we've received hardware and software innovations on Android, so you can decide which one is the best and most interesting.

The most innovative 2018 smartphone

Google – Adaptive battery

One of the best features called Android Pie is "Adaptive Battery". With artificial intelligence, it enhances your phone's autonomy with this operating system; Due to the near closure of non-useable backgrounds, In this way, they will not use the power of the device.

Huawei – AR scan for object creation

Although it's not an augmented reality, Huawei's impression has been very good, so Mate 20 can turn real-life objects into an AR (Augmented Reality) figure so that it can move on and play with them.

Google Duplex

Although it's not particularly Android, Google Duplex is one of the biggest advances in artificial intelligence in front of the user, showing how Google AI can make a phone call, as a human place to organize an appointment at one restaurant or another.

Huawei – NM Cards

This year, the Huawei Nano Cards were first seen, as the microSD memory evolved. This technology was the first manufacturer to set up a mobile phone, the size of which is the same as a Nano SIM.

OPPO and VIVO- Retractable camera

OPPO and VIVO were the first manufacturers to launch a mobile phone because they were in front of the "OPPO Find X" and "Vivo NEX S" cameras in front of the front of the camera, so that they had a retractable camera system to use the front camera.

Xiaomi and Honor – rechargeable display

Opposite to OPPO and Vivo, Honor and Xiaomi implemented a screen system to slide the front camera. We can see Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and Honor Magic 2.

Huawei Wireless Rechargeable Charger

For some reason Huawei Mate 20 The most innovative annual phone is a rechargeable wireless charger and is the world's first phone to charge other devices that support wireless charging.

5 most popular Huawei Mate 20 family 2018 families

Huawei camera macro and super wide angle

Another thing that emphasizes the 20 person of the Mate is its triple rear camera, a macro photo mode, first seen on the device, which can extract images with 2.5 cm objects. Camera to get the results you do not see on any other phone in the world.

Against Macro, Huawei's super wide angle lens, that is, is the first time we see it on a smartphone. In this way, we can take photos of a semi-professional camera and a lens angle or a huge camera. a
Fish Eye

Google – Night Sight

Although Google still maintains its rear camera with its camera, it has made the most amazing progress in nightlife thanks to artificial intelligence, the night vision is called Night Sight, and it also offers clear picture light.

Samsung – Infinity-O Display

They were not the only ones, but the first one who presented the first screen or the hole in the screen could slowly get out. Samsung has its main device with the Galaxy A8s technology and will have a tendency in 2019.

HTC-Exodus on the blockchain phone

Bockchain-based mobile phones is not something that's called attention, but the reality is an interesting and innovative bet for HTC, which has launched the first mobile phone with Blockchain to maintain privacy and security. For users who have never seen levels.

The curiosity about this phone can be purchased with bitcoins, so it will not be a success of sales, but it will be a different bet for the competitors.

ZTE and VIVO – Double screen

ZTE has featured this year with a dual screen and a camera with a face camera, with the rear camera with the origins of the cars and behind them from the LCD screen.

On the other hand, Vivo has also launched its own model with a dual OLED screen, which is currently only used in China.

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