Tuesday , January 25 2022

Big wad, girl intelligence? Excess people have the smallest brain


A study by researchers from the University of Loughborough in England found that people overweight and with a higher waist can have less than deadly brains.

According to The Independent, scientists found a possible link between excess body fat and brain fat, with an average of 9,652 people aged 55.

All of them calculated the body mass index (BMI), relative to the size, with 19% perceiving obesity. And within the groups with higher levels and larger fibers, they have lower volumes of red matter matter compared to people who are thinner. All this thanks to magnetic resonance imaging by the participants.

For example, the cerebral volume of a smaller gray matter was 786 cubic centimeters and 1,291 participants were found. The three thousand people with the most healthy rates had 798 cubic centimeters.

Mark Hamer, one of the researchers, has indicated that "already brain-related reduction and increased risk of dementia have been exacerbated by brain-related studies, but if the body's additional fat is damaging to the protection or brain size, it's not conclusive."

"Our research was analyzed by a large group of people and found that obesity, especially in the environment, could be linked to brain dysfunction," said the journal Neurology.

In the end, he said that there is no doubt that if the obesity leads to anomalies in the structure of the brain or vice versa, it will be the subject of a future study.

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