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Biobío: Judgment against double homoid due to lack of evidence

du General Court of Concepción Judgment on the case Iron Huerta Opazo, and he was acquitted of double duty by post.

In the joint resolution, the judge determined that the man is guilty the possession of the firearm illegally, but the thesis of the Public Prosecutor's Office was not possible in the neighborhood of murdering the two brothers. Bay 33 In the city of Lota, in the Biobío region.

"It was not possible to prove that he participated in homicides as a perpetrator. The crime that was convicted of being subject to cease-fire was unlawful and their participation was proved. It should be noted that the events that took place in April 2017 and that The weapon they found was the only one who was convicted of the murder of the convicted person"explained the magistrate Érica Pezoa.

The Court ruled in the first hours of April 16, 2017 Christian Wladimir Mora Mora When he came to his car when he left the nightclub, "An identifying patient approached the premonition of a 9 mm caliber caliberAfter the confirmation, he shot the gap, causing the death of his abdominal wound, to escape from the place. "

When the attacker was aware of the victim's brother, Miguel Ángel Veloso MoraHe shot himself against him, Acute anemia that causes death due to complex abdominal traumatism.

Two days later, in the return of the Huerta Opazo house, the gun changed and they were arrested.

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