Saturday , June 10 2023

BioWar will announce Dragon Age in December


The details of this secret project will probably appear next week at the Game Awards.

Even though BioWare is preparing to start Anthem, they have not forgotten the other major franchises, as they said in December, Dragon Age.

Casey Hudson, CEO of BioWar, says that although they are directing Anthem, they have not forgotten Mass Effect, Star Wars: Old Republic and Dragon Age, and the latest intellectual property would be revealed.

If you follow this blog, or if I and Mark Darrah follow Twitter, you will know that we are still secret in the secret of Dragon Age. This is a very important franchise in our studio, and we are excited to continue legacy. I look forward to the next month (although I will not tell you).

As far as it is known, this advertisement will not be as important as the division of the series, but it can be spinoffA mobile title or related product, so you do not have much hope.

Although there is no specific date, the announcement will be in the game of 2018 next Thursday, December 6, where the title stars Anthem will be shown on the night.

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