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Birth vitamins at the beginning of pregnancy reduce the risk of autism – Noticias Ya

(NEWS YA) .-Taking prenatal vitamins from the beginning of pregnancy is associated with a lower risk of autism, says a new study published on Wednesday in the JAMA Psychiatry Medical Magazine.

The researchers found it prenatal vitamins early It is significant.

According to the results, the use of this treatment a Children with high risk of developing imbalances have a lower risk of developing autism.

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For analysis, we analyzed 241 older children had autistic diagnosis and therefore they had a greater risk of diagnosis.

The child also evaluated the development of children between 6 months and 3 years old and was consulted about the mother prenatal vitamins.

Citing CNN, These were the results of the study:

  • About In the 4 children enrolled in the study, the autistic spectrum disorder was diagnosed, In the case of small children of autism, from 1 to 5, in previous studies.
  • Of the Children received prenatal vitamins in the first month of pregnancy among children14.1% developed autism, 32.7% of the mother did not have children.

Autism spectrum disorder Development of disability due to social and behavioral change, including communication.

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These were others Relevant findings:

  • Reducing the risk of developing autism also increased for children Folic acid and iron dose increased during pregnancy, suggesting at least one dose effect.
  • du prenatal vitamins older Folic acid and iron concentrations could work better to prevent autism in children's lives.
  • du prenatal treatment a more severe symptom and the cognitive endpoints of the children who were diagnosed with autism were associated.
  • Folic acid, the supplement found in most primary vitamins, protects against developmental disorders such as autism.

Dr. Pankhuree Vandana, the psychiatrist of children and the medical director of the Autism Center of the Research Center, was not involved in the research. Children are more at risk for developing autism spectrum disorders for children, such as developmental delay, attention deficit, and intellectual disability.

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He also stated in recent years, Pregnant women have taken prenatal vitamins at a similar level or higher, and yet the incidence of autism has increased.

The incidence of autism has increased This reminds us Prenatal vitamins and the nutrients they provide are among many factors that potentially affect autism. added the specialist.

For safety, prenatal vitamins and low costs and benefits, Vandana's future mother encourages her to take it as soon as possible.

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