Friday , August 19 2022

Bitcoin has been the worst January since January


du High crisis of cryptoconference in 2018 Today's worst week.

Bitcoin went to floods of $ 4 thousand, and most other cryptoconits fell on Friday. Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index To 25%. It's the worst day of five days since cryptomania was achieved in early January.

After an epic rally Last year, since one of the most famous bubbles in history has passed, cryptocrels continue to fall nearly $ 700 million, with less signs of diminished signals.

The fears of the collapse of the 2018 collapse, such as the increased regulatory analysis, the disagreement of the digital currency community and the market chaos, have been intensified this week.

Despite the loss of more than 70 percent of virtual currency, Stephen Innes, of Oanda, he still has no proof of a capitulation pointing to a market fund.

"There are still a lot of people in this game," Inan, Asia's top negotiator, Oanda, said on Singapore's phone.

Bitcoin ", if we start to see $ 3,000 million of sales oil, this will be a monster, investors will leave."

According to Innes, the supposed basic budget is the worst case in a short-term 500 dollar budget of $ 500,000 and $ 6,000,000 in January, with $ 500,000 in $ 2,000 in January.

The largest crypton reference was 5.12 5.2 for $ 4,200, at 11:30 in Mexico City, according to Bloomberg composite prices.

Like other currencies ether, ring and lye They fell at least 4.8%. The value of the market for all cryptonelements after CoinMarketCap It fell to $ 138 million, up 835 million dollars in January at the summit market.

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