Sunday , January 17 2021

"Blockade of the Nazis": Paul Schwarz's campaign launched against social networks by José Antonio Kast in a few hours

A few weeks ago, the actress Héctor Morales The campaign started like figures Camila Flores and José Antonio Kast, where they called social networks Not "visible", that is, not naming, answering or retrieving messages.

Since then, a manual step by step guide was redirected to social media how do these people intervene? for his hate messages.

The recipient was similar Pablo Schwarz, he went a little further. I start a new campaign with your Twitter account: #BlockAppinochet #BlocklockAlNazi.

In this way, users will take this measure not only in the role of the Republican action, such as against other people Sergio Melnick, Andrés Chadwick and Checho Hirane, among others, as an institution Carabineros, Social Patriot Movement, UDI and Radio Agricultura.

The labels quickly and in a few hours most commonly referred to in social networks.

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