Friday , January 22 2021

Blue Blue responded to Herrera's criticism: "It's not a matter of discussing them" | football

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Francisco Longa I Agency One

in Blue blue He yesterday responded to the harsh criticism of yesterday's goalkeeper, Johnny Herrera, Leadership.

Executive Deputy Directors, Pablo Silva, He mentioned the words of the "romantic traveler".

"We mean we do not share the statements made by Johnny Herrera, as we are at an important moment in the club and have no chance of qualifying in the Libertad group stage," he told CDF.

"And, logically, it does not discuss these issues publicly," he said.

Remember that Herrera was launching some criticisms of the management of the organization's management.

"I do not understand the waste of the organization. The waste of the facilities, which causes us to be the elements that helped us, "said Archer in a press conference.

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