Tuesday , August 3 2021

Boca asked Conmeboli Libertadores to stop the river

Bmw Juniors was asked to stop the 2018 Copa Libertadores de América 2018 Cup final against River Plate, After the violence suffered by the Genoese in the campus and the delay of the current match.

"After the Boca Violence (Monumental), these conditions are not fulfilled and the suspension of the game will be required, as well as the penalties provided for in Article 18, in accordance with Conmebol's practice, Boca warned in a statement on his website.

"Yesterday afternoon, Boca Juniors wanted to postpone the event after the match and was set as a priority in the same conditions.", Highlights the Xeneize organization.

The game of the unprecedented finals of the Libertadores on Saturday was the attack by the Boca Juniors bus. Some streets of the monumental field, with stones, sticks and gas pipes for hundreds of riders.

The midfielder and captain Boca, Pablo Pérez, and Gonzalo Lamardo midfielder They were the most damaged traces of the broken glass, caused by the fingers to move to the hospital in an area.

Prior to the announcement of Boca Juniors, Alejandro Domínguez, President of the Conmebol, stated: "The game has changed, the match will be played at 5:00 p.m." He reminded the "gentlemen's agreement" that the presidents arrived on Saturday. Both clubs will play the final on Sunday.

The first part of Bombonera ended two weeks ago and ended 2-2, no incident.

Libertadores Superfinal will be played on Sunday

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