Monday , May 29 2023

Boca Juniorsek Santiago Bernabéu | The sport will confirm the decision to be finalized


Decision The Copa Libertadores Cup will be played by Santiago Bernabéu who did not fall into Boca Juniors, resolved to file an appeal against the ruling and all instances of reversal of the statement will be exhausted.

By means of a communication, the board said that the "decision makers comply with the regulations and apply to all clubs".

In the text, Boca "does not share its own arguments and clearly sees it against the regulations and previous jurisprudence, That is why the appeals before the Chamber of the Conmebol Court will be presented to the Sports Arbitration Tribunal.".

The Trans-Andean club has confirmed that the targeted targets of its establishment had an attack on the bus, and that Conmebol's regulation should be respected.

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