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Bombshell! Colo Colo has Edson Puche's views

The player ended the loan with Querétaro and had to return to Pachuca in Mexico. However, his desire to return to Chile. The technician Mario Salas has already approved to reach the Monumental and the only possible sale of Toluca can confuse the desire of the Cacique with the Prime Minister of the University of Chile.

Colo Colo did not want to overcome new problems in the opponent's goal, in the last half. That's why the luxury reinforcement is in the portfolio: Edson Puch. Iquiqueño is in Chile on holiday and sees the perfect opportunity to return to Mexico.

With a few people, with Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, where he was loaned, the attacker had to return to Pachuca, the group that bought his passport in 2017 was about $ 7 million.

"Edson Puche has finished the contract and has to return to the Hidalgo club, we do not know Chile's interest, this is the Pachuca issue. We have achieved the victory of the player," said President Querétaro, Jaime Ordiales, La Cuarta.

But people need to move fast to at least Chile's chosen loan, the figures are too far to buy your password. Puch Toluca is in the list of possible strengths, a box with sufficient economic power to negotiate the final entry for the striker, if desired.

He wants to return

Although it is a requirement for "red demons" on the table, it is a desire to return to Chile. This is how he did his neighbors. At the age of 32, Iquiqueño finished the Mexican cycle. Despite the wishes, the striker will have a contract in June 2020, with the photo called "Tuzos", which will always get the quarterfinals.

In addition, the leaders of the team communicate with the player to know their conditions, taking advantage of the Puch vacation in the country. On the other hand, the former Necaxa does not look at the eyes to get to the Monument, although the conditions that would be possible to close their possible outings are not yet clear.

All the movements of Albos Sports Management have continued alongside the new technician. Mario Salas was keen on being a player of Pedro Pedroso, who is looking forward to the international project to consolidate the new project and face future prospects in January.

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