Monday , January 25 2021

Bravo flies to America's Cup

The horror was initially spread around the selection. Due to the injury of Claudio Bravo, he was unable to leave the next round in America. However, Manchester City, the Chilean militant's objective, has denied this information and limited deadlines.

According to Radio Cooperativa, the goalkeeper underwent achilles tendon left infection, last August he suffered surgery for the same injuries and loses his entire season.

According to the same information, the recovery periods would be necessary and Bravo will not be able to start on next June 14 in Brazil next.

"Everything is normal". Barcelona goalkeeper was one of the most important players in the last two Copa América.

For this reason, he promoted his state of health in the Chilean national team and goalkeeper club.

But they are quiet in the city, and confirmed La Cuarta by means of a British box fountain, which confirmed the recovery of the Chilean march in August, during the months of August.

"Are you aware of the fact that Claudio Bravo's rehabilitation is expected? There is no infection or no eruption of the injury. The player is very well, we are in constant contact with him and he has not told us the problems he has had over the last few days," explained Ethad Stadium.

He also tells the British organization what is happening with the Chilean player. In addition, the same source confirms that in the next few days, the player formed by Colo Colo should be directed to the demands of the club's medical services and to the professionals who have operated.

"It's happening in the days we have recovered for everything, Claudius (Bravo) is on holiday in Chile last Christmas, according to our calendar, that the player will return to Europe next week, the only thing left to be is to move to Manchester or travel directly to Barcelona, ​​Ramon Controlled by Dr. Cugat, according to our data, the next goal will be recovered from next year, "he affirmed from the Fourth Continental Continent.

Depending on the schedule set after the operation, the Chilean could be played at the end of April.

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