Monday , October 18 2021

Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay will be the heads of the Copa América teams


Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay will be distributed in the three teams of the 2019 Cup Party. The latest selection of FIFA's selected selections will be published on Thursday.

Brazil, third in the standings, but when choosing the starting line-up, will travel to Uruguay and Argentina in the seventh and eleventh place in the FIFA ranking.

Brazil's Copa América will be divided into nine teams that will compete in Brazil, ranked in the FIFA ranking with another three txotxs, for raffle groups held on January 24 in Rio de Janeiro.

The second draw will be in Colombia (twelfth), Chile (thirteenth) and Peru (thirty) national teams.

The third power will be Venezuela (31), Paraguay (32) and Japan (50), one of the guests of Copa América, and fourth in Ecuador (57), Bolivia (59) and another country. guest, Qatar (93).

The South American Confederation of Football (CONMEBOL) decided in November in Buenos Aires that the competition would be completed according to the position of the competitors in the final qualification of the FIFA team.

These group preparation criteria will be kept indefinitely during the next Copa América competitions.

This rule ensures that the best South American teams do not take the championship in the first phase, and they can only play in the fourth and fourth semi-finals at the end of the tournament.

The 2016 Copa América match will be played in six Brazilian stadiums: Maracaná, Belo Horizonte Mineirao, Porto Alegre Arena do Gremio and Salvador Fonte Nova Arena in Rio de Janeiro. The other two are Morumbí and Corinthians Arena, Sao Paulo.

The starting match will be played in Moribo and will take part in Brazil. Finally, it will be played in Maracana, and on semifinals, on the 2nd and 3rd of July, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre.

Of the six selected stadiums, Morumbí did not have a single match in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The schedule of the competition was planned, Brazil will definitely overcome all the stages of the competition before finishing the Maracana campaign.

Brazil's Brazil, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paragon, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela will question ten members in the Copa América, Brazil's 30-year return. Japanese and Qatar as a guest country.

– Complete the pots corresponding to the group:

Pot 1: Brazil (3), Uruguay (7) and Argentina (11).

Pot 2: Colombia (12), Chile (13) and Peru (20).

Pot 3: Venezuela (31), Paraguay (32) and Japan (50).

Pot 4: Ecuador (57), Bolivia (59) and Qatar (93).

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