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Breakfast was not as important as we thought (and that's not helping to lose weight)

During the decades, health authorities and nutritionists have breakfasted the most important meal of the day and have had serious consequences, such as adding excess weight. Some investigations showed that this claim was excessive, but it was published in a new study British Medical Journal (BMJ) today guarantees that, contrary to the contrary, There is no evidence that you miss eating breakfast.

British publication unmount the current belief After breakfast, it helps you to lose weight and clarifies the doubts about the quality of the studies you are focusing on. BMJ highlights the lack of solidity and highlights the importance of interpreting results, eye-based effects and perhaps healthy lifestyles and food choices.

Breakfasts and weight loss are not linked

According to the BMJ There is no strong evidence After breakfast, to defend the idea that it helps to lose weight, it is not the weight of the sale for breakfast. In fact, those who take more calories during the day eat breakfast and do not sell for breakfast because at the end of the day hunger stays.

The effects of the BMJ on 13 tests carried out at the Melash University are the result of a study carried out on the 13 trials analyzed, mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom, in the last 28 years and from the evidence obtained from them. Guinea pigs Common and unusual "breakfast", with a weight of 24 hours and 16 weeks of body weight.

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To set some of these trials Breakfast in the breakfast area, breakfast and changes in body weightwhile others examined hunger impact with daily energy intake. Until now, we have shown the results obtained:

  • Those who skipped breakfast Weighing 440 grams less than an average When the breakfasts were eaten regularly, there is no difference between people with normal weight and overweight.

  • The breakfast drank regularly eating 260 more calories, daily averageThose who did not have breakfast, regardless of the breakfast habits.

  • The breakfast sausage was not available to people They felt more hungry in the afternoon, not with the difference in calorific costs.

  • du metabolic rates Among the people who had breakfast, and the differences that hardly ever showed.

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BMJ study Disassociation of breakfast helping to lose weight because it prevents us from overeating the rest of the day. It's not a good strategy and it will not help you lose weight. However, he warns again, and at this moment with his work, the results must be interpreted with great care.

As long as breakfast is served during the day, the most important luncheon is not proven. The research we find is telling us this breakfast is just another meal – Every day you can have a great impact on children, such as concentrations and attention levels, and can not be sold more than a meal. But I'm getting ready for a teaspoon.

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