Sunday , May 16 2021

Breath Gaea tries to revive

A new chapter lived on summer television. Blood Agreement? Noooo, with the star Juan Carlos Gaete, repeated to Colo Colo a couple of weeks ago.

On Friday night, members of Garra Blanca came forward to persuade us to stay home in Macul.

As a reader, City fans visited the family home of the Castillian family house to make a personal speech. Bombs, fireworks and jokes to talk about the glory of the Mapuche people, occupied the Barra Brava pass and former Cobresal was one of the "Commander" of the Salas Guerrilla.

Gaeter reaction Then, when he was trained by Magellan, he gestured to the gesture that left his home and asked him what he was asking.

But here, too, and according to the images uploaded to social networks, Gaete sent a signal that could definitely be. In Colocolinos's whole wound, he could see leaps and hands moving like kids.

But that does not mean that man has resolved his problems, because he has not yet given his answer.

Severe term The GB "harangueak" goes through a week to face Juan Carlos's leadership of Blanco y Negro, this year Maputxe jumper will be wet or ask for a loan.

After talking to Mario Salas after going to Buenos Aires, they explained the personal problems they faced, Marcelo Espina, the sports director of the concession, spoke to him and explained clearly: they have signed a four-year contract, they do not want another organization, deadlines should also be fixed.

What are they We're here to meet the eternal reign on Friday 18th and solve the conflict resolution. The day after they were selected, Alba Night will be developed and the consolidation of the bosses' ideas will be strengthened.

For this reason, these days, corporations have been sociologically accepted, and they have received messages from their friends to understand that this ornament is waiting for an open arm.

The key to this provision was Esteban Paredes, because the captain talked with him to offer support and say that integration is possible because he has a football talent.

Another gesture that was appreciated in the vicinity of Santiago was an interview with Jorge Valdiví, after informing the magician of the "magician".

The "JC" himself denied everything and "10" was not only thanked for it, he also said that he expects his speed to count, if the group's attack is broken.
In fact, he has not forgotten in Buenos Aires and he does not rush.

Soap opera is another key element in this opera. The person who was not 22 years old and that party did not have any problems, even though Salas wanted to make the adaptation period before using it for the first time. Not only in the level of exercises, but also in tactical work, and for your colleagues to know more.

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