Saturday , February 4 2023

Bug Fallout 76 is an immortal player and Bethesda is demanding them to die


Fallout 76 It's a title that has sparked anger for many fans Post-apocalyptic franchise. Bugs, blunders, deviations, and difficulties in eradicating the system have become a game one of the biggest misfortunes of the year.

Title Fallout 76 Now news makes another bug. According to Reddit users, many players "suffer" from immortality reach 40 levels. As indicated in the publication, Users try to kill the nuclear bombs until they activate, but they do not achieve their goal.

What could be desired in other games, in Fallout it is not very funny, as users have indicated, this error is not allowed to get any missions or enemies or any other character. The player is a desperation that Bethesda's "killing" demands.

"Brogadyn"One affected, he said he was in touch Bethesda Request a solution, but no response was received. However, with the virtualization of cases on the Internet, the company has already declared that it is seeking a solution to the problem. Will it kill all the players?

You can play it Fallout 76 right now on platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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