Saturday , January 29 2022

Buljubasich and UC negotiations: "Closing a player is not easy, you can fall for any reason"


Although it has advanced trading Catholic University with accommodation Edson Puch The Pachuca Group, from the Iquiqueño corridor, received no more details from San Carlos de Apoquindo. "We will not confirm or deny anything," said the sports director Cruzados, José María Buljubasich.

In the presentation of Valber Huerta, as a reinforcement of UC, the arrival of Tati Puch was consulted. He responded: "We are closing the players we are looking for, and that is why we have reached an agreement, we will announce the healthiest thing to touch the names of players or clubs."

Following this idea, the first goalkeeper stated: "It always happens in all passive markets, there are many things that happen: closing a player is not easy, it can fall for some reason, and without saying anything, everything that everyone says is what we handle It will be the way, we can close the expected players and hope that we will announce it as soon as possible. "

Edson Puche wants to close his signature UC / Photo: Getty Images Edson Puche wants to close his signature UC / Photo: Getty Images

It should be noted that after closing the contract Juan Cornejo and Valber Huerta, more confirmed archer refunds Cristopher Toselli, downtown Benjamin Vidal and sideways Vicente FernándezUC has to add three more items to complete its 2019 campaign: two extreme and one-half supporters.

Edson Puch is closer and closer to one of these two extremes. The UC is looking for the season to compete in the Copa Libertadores. The other pointer will be in Chile, the foreigner's departure from Germán Voboril will be played against Sebastián Sáez in Argentina.

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