Tuesday , January 18 2022

Bungie connects with Activision and will take Full Destiny control


After eight years, two consignments and all Destiny's convinces, Bungie announces the relationship with Activision. In fact, your franchise priority will be the priority of your franchise Destiny.

An official statement has been offered through its official website Its state and new goals, as an independent study, Thanks to the help of Activision, without which they could not direct the original perspective.

In a distribution, where Activision will not face obstacles to the transition And that's not the way to keep up to date with the roadmap. But he does not know that too
The Year Pass took off from the worst game.

Below you can read the official declaration of Bungie.

When we launched Activision's collaboration for the first time in 2010, the video game industry was very different. As an independent research that intends to build a new experience, we wanted to be a member of the great leap for faith in us. Destiny's view is what we believe, but we need the help of a published partner to launch the game of that magnitude.

We created something special with Activision. Until now, Destiny has sold more than 50 million games of mixed players worldwide. And most importantly, we have seen a separate community, tens of millions of powerful tutors, praise and embrace Destiny playing together, creating and sharing memories, and even doing things that are much bigger. Beyond the game we share. to have a positive impact on people's daily lives.

We have had a successful eight-year career and, thanks to Activision, I'd like to collaborate with Destiny. Looking ahead, Activision will announce plans by Destiny to publish Bungie's rights. With our remarkable Destiny community, we're ready to publish ourselves, while Activision will focus on licensing more.

The planned transition process has already begun, Bungie and Activision have committed themselves to making the transfer as healthy as possible.

With The Outlaws, we've learned, listen and listen to our players who want a great Destiny experience. He will be very pleased with this. We will follow the Destiny Roadmap already, and we will launch more seasonal experiences in the coming months, as well as some interesting ads coming from our community with new surprises.

Thank you for your continued support. As a result of our success, our world is an incredible community of players who have cleared up the light and life. We know that desktop publishing will not be easy; We still continue to learn to grow as a global and independent learning, but we see unlimited possibilities and opportunities in Destiny. We know that new adventures all over the world are full of mysteries, adventures and hopes. We hope to go there.

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Destiny looks forward to the future. Well, those who get the content announced for the time being will receive the planned mode. And they are outrageous.


This game is kept in battle in battle.net. But the future of the game will only be in the hands of Bungie. Of course, the doors are open Destiny 2 Steam … or appear in the Epic Games Store.

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