Monday , January 18 2021

Bungie was separated from Activision and left with Destiny's rights

Mutual Relationship Bungie and Activision It was not the best, since they joined in 2010 when the people began to develop Destiny, the relationship between companies is gradually deteriorating until today until the breaking point is reached.

In a statement, this Thursday, Bungie announced definitive separation Activision, after having disagreed with franchising and property problems Destiny.

"We created something special with Activision, so far, Destiny More than 50 million games and the expansion of players around the world. And most importantly, we have seen a separate community, tens of millions of people who use the Guardians Destiny We play together, create and share memories and make things that go far beyond the game we share, to provide a positive impact on people's daily lives, "said the study.

Without mentioning the main issues mentioned above and Activision, Bungie certifies that they are keeping the brand Destiny under your control.

"We know that desktop publishing will not be easy, We will still learn a lot while we grow as global and independent learning, but we will see unlimited possibilities and opportunities in Destiny. "This, in fact, is due to Bungie From the beginning you need a larger company to develop its ambitious idea.

In any case, this does not end the franchise, as it will tell us what will happen in the future and the company plans to improve online experience.

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