Saturday , January 29 2022

Calm Alexis enslaved


Alexis Sánchez, committed to reading Manchester United, with the FA Cup, was Alexis Sánchez, but he had to recover in the injuries that he had taken several weeks to court.

Ole Gunnar was the first position under Solskjær, even though he was the coach's first minutes in Norway. Against Newcastle, on Tuesday, he started again and gave Rashford support.

Yesterday, with certified ownership, Tocopillan had the opportunity to show up on the new Red Devils team. Previously, she was keen to work in training in Chile.

Juan Mata opened a penalty kick of 22 points, and the first part added Sanchez gave a great help, the goalkeeper was eliminated and the goalkeeper cleared. The collaboration between two players, close friends outside the field, is already beginning to work.

However, concern at the age of 60: Alexis suffered from his right leg, for more than a month he had to keep the footballer and demanded a change.

Solskjær, after the victory, gave details of the disease: "At the end, he felt discomfort in the back of the thigh and told me in two minutes, I thought I would be well, but I was tired, it would not be too bad, and we would approach next weekend we will see ".

The strategist who appeared as the beginning of the award: "I think it's been happy for 60 seconds. Fortunately it's not so bad. One month ago, it took 20 minutes in Newcastle, maybe half an hour."

The next United match will be played against Tottenham for the Premier League. In London, Red Devils will extend the perfect OGS record, with five wins that have been co-directed with Mancunian Kutxa.

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