Monday , October 25 2021

Camila Flores says she does not recognize Pinochet: "I am a brave woman and I ask for courage"


It's known Camila Flores (RN) for the public in public places, controversial and questionable comments. Already in the last month, he asserted his statement in the True Lies program. Estelar assured that "Ramona Parra Brigade created the person who created UP".

In his campaign, he was presented as a deputy "Piñera deputy" and presented with his husband and Percy Marín (RN) councilors. He also received strong criticism in expressing "leaving serious countries for the UN". The Chilean refusal to sign the UN Migration Treaty. Currently, his political position has confirmed his position on the right side of the RN.

"I'm a Pinochet"

"You know me, I'm a Pinochet and I say no, "said Camila Flores, who was welcomed by over 500 people at the General Council of the Renasciación Nacional.

"I give thanks to the military government and I will always say it. Even though the Communist Party and the Great Front have spent a year on the people," they questioned the parliamentarian.

Minister Camila Flores does not recognize Pinochet : "I am a brave woman and I ask your courage"

"They say that Chile was founded since the age of 73, because it is not true. The Chilean Government, the Popular Unit, together with Salvador Allende, destroyed the foundations of the institutions and destroyed the disaster that the military government destroyed a country."

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