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Camila Recabarren takes the first steps to become mayor

The first condition to launch a new challenge is Desire and Camila Recabarren.

The Chilean Prime Minister and the magazine "Chilevisión mañana" appeared this week, at the age of 26, dreams filled up and one of them has nothing to do with current media.

Camila El Serena, the mayor, wants to be elected, a city that has grown up. It has created a plan that has lasted more than a year and is concerned about the least progress made in the smallest progress made in the well-known Coquimbo regional spa.

"Politics catching my attention and I love it. IV Community is beautiful, but it's gone, it's not, there's nothing, and I've lived all my life. I'm charged that you can not do such positive things and the mayor has two periods, there's no progress "sticking the first raspacacho.

"The courts are not good, there is no green area, of course, it is cheaper to store dry, stone, beautiful gardens, a tree and maintenance," he says.

The next municipal elections are 2020, but Camila will say "step". He intends to make his candidate later, "with more experience and support, now I am 26 years old and I think I have to learn a lot in time, to be very well. I need to study it, get it done".

Long-term training, which also includes proximity to voters, is the most advanced plane. "I have already started social projects and people approached me. Rich is the creation of trust and transparency, which people appreciate", argues the future public servant.

– Will you be supportive of a political party?

Then I have to take time to clarify myself, I do not define one of two political fronts, I am half like that and I do not want that. Even so, I have my daughter in the super-left school.

– What did you bring to politics?

Two years ago I did not want to know anything about politics, I hated politicians. La Serena was the widow of the council, and therefore I had my refusal … I saw the one I had offered every day, and I did not help much, and I received a salary I received. I have earned 500 or 600 lucas from a council but, in the end, I do not know where money can be made to other things.

– Then?

I was not disappointed that I met the politician, because nobody had the same thing. But I think that they act in a very bad way and protect each other, which is why it is hard for people outside of politics to do so, and when that happens, life is impossible. But this does not matter to me, to work, to help, to grow, to inform, to study body language, to speak speech therapy.

– Harta paste.

Yes and it grows and people trust me, I'll vote. If you see the fabulous things that you see me, it will not be.

– In addition to bad practices, what would you like to change?

We need to include young people in other areas. We want a new account, new projects. Final refreshment is required.

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