Wednesday , October 20 2021

Camilo Flores Exchofer denounces the abuse of the deputy: it is the third that leaves the position | national


Osman Méndez, former Deputy RN, Camila Flores, accused members of parliament of abuse.

The employee resigned, however, two weeks later he received a letter of dismissal for serious offenses there is no record

On November 26, Méndez left his position as a driver of Flores, after working for only three months; during that period abuse, conversation difficulties, hours of more than 15 hours and ongoing inquiries that the MPs violate the traffic laws after the aforementioned determination.

Also, Osman Camila Flores is the third driver in her eight months as the Republican Deputy.

After two resignations, on December 12, Méndez received a letter certifying that the "lost trust" was abolished, the accused to disassociate the accused officer to request a public office.

The report of the Exterminist is added to other officials, who stated in a reserved way that they had to force them to demand that they be forced. They came out of the congress.

To do this, they had to work to meet personal situations parliamentary, birthday parties or, alternatively, to the supermarket.

Méndez recalls that the relations between the deputies are complex. "It is a little while in the process," he explains about the daily issues, such as finding the address of the Valparaíso region, the cause of harassment.

Of course, Osman does not appoint a single civil servant after resigning to work with six neighbors. Drivers, journalists and "territories" (who are in charge of the entire field of work) are looking to promote legal measures to see complex legal situations.

In that sense, he explained that at least four former employees had joined Evaluate a complaint before courts.

In the letter of exemption, the sources of the House of Representatives indicated that after receiving a letter, the secretary's group I would not take it To win time, and negotiate with employees. However, before the resignation of the man, Flores decided to save serious defects, there is no record

The radio Bío Bío contacted Camila Flores, where they received an answer and did not receive it until the end of this publication.

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