Saturday , June 10 2023

Campaign launched by the Telnet Network: Sergio Freire wants to read the latest telethon account


On Friday night, Telethon 2018 started everything, and featured performing arts, such as Raphael, Spanish singer.

But this party lived in Teletón Antzokia, but also through social networks, where the audience began a series of reactions.

And on Twitter, the spontaneous user campaign took on a social network, which brings a Chilean comedy Sergio Freire.

The reason? They want to make a comedy about the latest storyteller, just like other television shows.

Remember that according to the tradition of Viña 2018, when Freire said he was a nightmare, Don Francisco called for a new telethon affair, which is why he was afraid that he did not say great figures.

In the end, through the social network, a number of users were accused of this specific mission to Sergio, whose name became a trending topic.

Here we leave some reactions.

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