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Can not accept the death of Professor Rene O "Ryan's former teacher

Last Saturday, Rene O & # 39; Ryan, known as "Platoon" "Instructor," was upheld. O & # 39; Ryan fought for cancer in 2016 but eventually gave up his body.

The former Marine won the public's love with his affective personality, as well as recognizing television faces, where he got more than one friendship.

The closest to it came to the church of Inmaculada Concepción, located in Vitacura.

One of the goalkeepers was Karla Constant great friendship René with the "Heavy Weights" mega program.

The cheerleader church arrived and could not hide how it was affected In September he gave birth to his birthday.

"It has been very difficult for me, which gives me more affection, it was good, we celebrated its birthday in September, He had a great holiday with the familyWe celebrate her friends, we have been amazing time and now, this is … I do not know when they say they kill me sometime, I think they have anger and refusal, and I can not admit that it was my friend, It's because my heart is aliveMy friend, brother of my soul, and I do not know how goodbye you are saying, "he revealed himself in the middle of the conversation and could not tear.

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"I said goodbye to Christmas, but I did not answer, so I said" I had to make a trip. "But I was surprised, although he traveled, he always answered me or sent a message and this was not the case. I tried, I emphasized, I called, I called, I did not say anything, I wrote to his wife, I said nothing and said something good was happening."Tears punished severely.

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