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Can you overuse your hands? What is the best frequency for the experts to make it clear | society

Washing hands is the most common habit of hygiene and we are a young child we are hearing from our parents or at school, to prevent illnesses and spread germs..

They also propose United States Disease Control Centers. This means that keeping your hands clean is "one of the most important steps to avoid being a disease."

However, in the last decade, other discourses have indicated that by excessive disinfection, the necessary bacteria can also reduce the natural barrier resistance. Some experts and some experts on this subject have explained.

According to the above, it is worth asking, how often do we need to clean our hands and, if necessary, use them for disinfection? Our luck, HuffPost, the American media, has spoken to people who are specialized in this topic, because they offer different perspectives on personal washing, but at the same time they do not agree on frequencies.

to Richard GalloThe academic and founder of the Department of Dermatology at the University of California in San Diego, for example, will leave you unprotected when you do not wash your hands every day, but it has too many dangers. "What does science mean when the normal (healthy) bacteria living in the skin are very important and that this cleansing does not eliminate it, when it is born it seems that bacteria enter the skin and have to be there forever to live. You start to get worse, the skin starts to dry and it erodes healthy bacteria."She explains it.

Stella Dauer (cc) | flickr

Stella Dauer (cc) | flickr

Ideally, then, this is it wash your hands every time they go to the bathroom, we will return home after taking public transport, using money, and so on. and a daily shower".

In the same vein, Samer BlockmonThe medical specialist in the Piedmont Health System based in Georgia (USA) makes you take too much time. "If you release your hands too often, you are also eliminating fats and good bacteria by protecting them from diseases"He warns.

For example, when we use excess alcohol, we disinfect our hands, crack our skin and open the door to harmful bacteria.

How do you know if you wash my hands too much?

Frequent signs, according to Gallo, are usually:

* Lace
* Slim skin
* Dryness
* Mine
* Redness

"Basically people wash their hands and look good, probably not too muchHe added.

To clarify doubts: when should I wash my hands, or not?

A study by Michigan State University revealed 95% of people do not properly clean their hands after going to the toilet, because they spread germs and bacteria that help diseases.

In this area, William Schaffner, A specialist in infectious disease at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, recommends "Wear your hands in warm water and soak them with emulsions for bacteria, surrounds you and flushes with you".

Strange thing Karen Salmansohn, a well-known expert, says that she is "Happy Birthday" twice that time is enough to keep this practice going.

Blockmon also adds: "Before you can make meals clean and you need to have patients and coughs in your hands before preparing meals and during".

If you plan to touch your face or your sex, it is advisable to clean your hands Susie Wang, a chemical skin care specialist.

Now, if you place a pencil on the floor or bend your pet, nothing will happen unless it is cleared. Afterwards, bacteria are found everywhere and we have lived throughout our lives.

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