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Cancer is a historic record in Chile


In recent years in Chile, specifically in 2013
In 2015, the death rate of cancer rose by 139 percent
Thousands of inhabitants in 2013, 143 in 2015; according to the latest data
Managed by the Ministry of Health (Minsal).

According to La Tercera scamming, in the first government of Sebastián
Piñera was expected to reduce the rate of cancer mortality in 97 cases
100 inhabitants by 2020. However, Emilio Santelices, Health Minister,
Discard to get this projection, indicating between causes
Increase in risk factors.

It's aging among these agents
population, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. In this last one,
Classification of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization
Agriculture (FAO) Most Chile has achieved the second OECD country
Obesity, 34.4% of the population aged 15 and over
High rates of this disease.

In the case of women, breast cancer is presented
The main cause of the dead in Chile, which has the most type of cancer
GES treated 37% and then had a 13% cancer. Also,
In 1990, 823 women with breast cancer died, increasing in 2015
1,511, which is 35% for 26 years.

Breast cancer risk indicators
The age of patients is one of the most important factors,
Women over 60 have a higher risk. On the other hand,
Family history and obesity are also important
development of this disease.

Cancer Law

October 25, President
The Republic, Sebastián Piñera, announced that they will work on Cancer Law,
Starting from establishing a national policy
Cancer, it is for the care of all of Chile
The force and efficiency of the state and civil society at that time
dealing with this disease.

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