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Capital Magazine | Is it possible? Apple and Archrival agree to open peace and iTunes Samsung smartTV


Because they did not confirm, companies seemed impossible. Two warriors fighting for two years are in legal battles in courts throughout the world. But it's true. Apple and Samsung announced they will announce an agreement with the iPhone manufacturer movies and TV shows on your iTunes virtual store, on Samsung's smart TVs.

It shows the changes that are known before the CES annual technology fair in Las Vegas Apple wants to become a technology and media service company, sales of equipment like iPhone continue to decline. "It's a lot more process that Apple wants to change its first vision hardware and working with third parties to increase revenue in work, "said Gene Munster, Apple's observers for a long time.

Last week, Apple was surprised by investors saying iPhone sales reduced their quarterly expectations, with a record of US $ 10.8 million in revenue from services.

"As a key part of Apple's operation and positive news in new times of dark growth, Cook & Co. needs to duplicate content and distribution partners in the future," said Dan Ives, analyst with the values ​​Wedbush.

Apple and Samsung have been fighting for seven years For mobile phone patents, Apple has accused its opponent of copying iPhone design. After several issues and Apple received millions of dollars after compensation, the two companies finally launched it at the end of June 2018.

Best enemies

Above all, companies have shared long-term collaboration, Samsung relied on Samsung to compare the latest iPhones with the latest display components, as well as tough competition.

"The agreements Apple says Apple does not see the enemy that Samsung uses," wrote Michael Gartenberg, former Apple Marketing Director. "There are others that Apple and Samsung should have to worry about. Or my enemy is the enemy of my friend.

As for ITunes, Samsung has opened Apple Apple Music Echo a few weeks with Apple. In 2015, when he launched his music streaming service, he released an Android version. In 2003, Apple iTunes opened Windows PC, Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, co-founder of "giving ice rays in ice in hell".

Spotify competition

The debut of Apple Music on Amazon Echos and Android devices was commercially meaningful. It is based on the purchase of Apple Music Beats Music in 2014, that is, multiplatform music service.

Apple has increased the number of users right away If you plan to compete with Spotify on this market, and this service will help the voice control system and the most popular smartphone in the world, creating a US $ 10 per customer per month.

Likewise, Apple's hardware users also set their company products, which would bring Apple's devices to upgrade.

The move will give Apple a new source of money for people who buy movies and TV movies through iTunes, and allows the company to offer the content of its original video content. this year.

Exit more

For several years, Netflix and Amazon Prime have been able to compete with the content of their original content, Apple must have as much scope as possible. Samsung TV last year occupied 33% of television's television market,Vivo, beating LG and Sony, according to Statistics.

According to Munster, the agreement also indicates that Apple does not plan to enter the physical space of the television. The opening of Samsung on TV on iTunes means that Samsung TV users do not have to buy Apple's TV box to access Apple's content. The agreement also includes AirPlay support. That means iPhone users can send video content from their phones to Samsung televisions.

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