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Carabinero was trying to steal the robbery at the Central Station

a Karabinero was stabbed after trying robbing a robbery In the municipality of Central Station.

The event took place on the street Ruiz Tagle with Ecuador when the strangers wanted to open the parked car.

Managing Director Julián LópezLocated at the edge of the university of Carabineros, and attacking the attack, people attacked knife and chest and stomach injuries.

They immediately took him 3rd place and after stabilizing it was mobilized by the helicopter Carabineros Hospital, in the metropolitan mayor, Karla Rubilar. It has a risk of survival, but it has serious injuries.

The mayor explained that "as carabiners are not in other jobs, civilians even make a call for stealing vehicles." Both individuals tried to steal it apparently. He approaches, identifies himself as a caravan and suffers two blows".

As the mayor explained, surgeons are seriously injured and "At this moment it is stable within its gravity".

At the same time, in general Mario Rosas He said: "The General Staff works at Lopez's Welfare Department, is in charge of a university pensioner, where he has been teaching over 70 years of our children and gives us a support voice, as a caravan he never lost and frustrated a robbery."

"It was advanced, it was taken to Post 3, it was stabilized and then taken to the doctor and taken to the Carabineros hospital," he added.

In the meantime, where incidents occurred, a large operation was carried out to see how the attack was determined and if there is a security camera that records that situation.

Labokuren and OSB staff members are responsible for the opinions of this case.

The witnesses said that the neighborhood was dangerous, that robberies and security were bad.

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