Thursday , March 23 2023

Carabineros ex ACES denounces: "We have never diverted the protection as an organization" – national


© Agency One Carabineros to warn ACES:

According to the uniformed organization, "it is not appropriate to steal a man or a woman" and the specific complaint "will be clarified according to the corresponding investigation."

Carabineros denounced the accusation The Second Student Coordinated Committee Executive (ACES), Eloísa González, The courts said they were beaten and robbed during the demonstration on Friday.

After a group of students called by the Congress, the Directorate General of Carabineros arrived to face opposition to Camilo Catrillanca's death. The youngsters were bombing bombs in police stations and police and arrested 15 people.

Gonzalez was detained person, who was accused by staff of the Special Forces and accused him of being arrested at the top of his body.

In this sense, in general Enrique Bassaletti, Head of the State Department of Carabineros, he assured that "Every process that processes complaints, mistakes, crimes or whatever causes everything is always a matter of transparency and transparency."

In addition, "I do not know the details (complaint), but this will be clarified with the corresponding investigation."

However, the uniforms said "It is not appropriate to steal a man or a woman" And that "We never have to be protected from what the organization's deviations have to do."

On the other hand, ACES also denounced the disappearance of the minister, Victor Harambour Chanfreau, who was arrested by Carabineros. However, he was later notified that he was transferred to the First Commissar of Santiago.


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