Saturday , January 29 2022

Cardiac infarction symptoms clinic hospital for the discharge of the patient national


Strong chest pain, headaches min and absolute adrenalineThere were symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, a patient who felt healed after a Bicentennial Clinic. After this, the woman requires more than the request of the organization $ 5 million register getting worse.

The data collected went up until December 2011 when a professor of physical education from a patient entered a private clinic anaphylactoid shock when seafood is consumed.

This was not the first time for the patient, so he knew that the solution was a proportion epinephrine depending on the skin route.

By the way wrong, the Defendant Fraternity administered the medication with another in-house solution. He caused a patient's headache heart acceleration.

The nurses, when they saw the reaction, answered the doctor they called him, "You were wrong, you must strike", for an emergency room and electrocardiogram, according to the doctor "he did not give results ", downloading.

After feeling ill, the patient went to hospitals in Chile, who had been hospitalized for four days. Acute myocardial infection. For this reason, the woman decided to file a complaint, medical and nursing complaint.

Finally, "act negligence When the professional and the clinician's doctor discharge their " , The Civil Court of Santiago 21 has partially defended the case To the clinic and doctor, 5.143.831 euros must be paid to the court.

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