Monday , October 18 2021

Carlos Peña criticizes the right "neofascist threat" of Bolsonaro and his Chilean followers


In his opinion in the usual column, the rector of the University Diego Portales criticizes Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the elected prime minister of Brazil, as a star. Apart from Bolsonaro's followers, he also questioned another, who wants to imitate Jose Antonio Kastek. In fact, the Peña told Bolsona that this week they have made "a serious event for public life health".

Carlos Pena, Rector of the University Diego Carnales, criticized the right to be the son of the elected president of Brazil, Eduardo Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro.

In the column of his diary Mercury, With the title "Neo-fascist neo-fascist", he opened the visit to the Brazilian deputy, and warned the growth of neo-fascism in our country.

"The visit to the Bolsonaro Deputy, and the accidental reception of the UDI and Alfredo Moreno Minister, is the initial symptom that presents risks: to get the liberal democracy to come to an end," he said.

The peasant states that politicians such as Bolsonaro are harming basic principles of liberal democracy, such as "freedom of speech, respect for ethnic and sexual diversity, empowerment and equality for all": "And politicians like Bolsonaro – and those who receive it and critically go and images They take out aura part of it – put it in danger. "

"Someone like Bolsonaro, that is, harmful to liberal democracy, believes that the role of politics is to go to the passions of the people, listening and continuing, especially for men and women's feelings, fears, ignorances, prejudices and insecurities, from time to time demand life-culture principles. adds it

He also criticized Peña Bolsonaro's followers and imitators: "The attitudes of politician such as Bolsonaro (as well as those of the imitation of JA Kast) are often found in precious ideas or ideas, racist and sexist politically correct, and honesty and liberation principles They are presented as a means of rejection of immigration as a healthy nationalism, police control policies and coercion, as a way of protecting the healthy forms of sexual identity as a proclaiming of nature and gender ideology, as a healthy and well-protected citizen, in order to determine the basic value of social life, etc. "

"Those who received this week did not notice," he said.

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