Tuesday , January 25 2022

Carob tree: man was not a bottomless beach at all


du the intense body of a man This Sunday, located on the beach of Los Curas, between the beaches of Tunquén and El Yeco, in the northern sector of the town carob tree.

The discovery was made of people who passed through the Yecko sector, To see a possible body that was notified to the Port's master who was communicating with Carabineros.

When the naval command was established, "the rocks were not identified by the survival of the male body, of approximately 25 to 30 years old, wearing a bathing suit and swimming pool goggles ", which implies that he was a swimmer.

They asserted from one naval division to another The state of the beach that was not suitable for bathing, Therefore, "they stressed that holidays should be very careful to enter the sea, always check that the beach has a green flag."

He presided over the orders of the San Antonio authorities The Kidegoaren Kidegoak Homicideko Kidegoak Medical Legal Service.

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