Friday , July 1 2022

Carola de Moras dared to leave CHV after: "it was unfair" Tell me more


Carola de Moras lives a new life after leaving Chilevision, as it will offer her website, showcases decorations and talks on healthy lifestyle.

In this context, former animator "The Morning of CHV" went to the group "Mucho Gusto" to exit the new project and the Turner group channel.

"I do not want any pig sucking, I'm sorry, I have a family, I have a daughter who feels like daughters and things (…) It's painful, it hurts me, I feel bad and, therefore, to say things wrong or say things wrong. I learn ", Carolina insured

Rafael Araneda, from the rumors of former animators from the Viña Festival, said "I have speculated on the ground here".

Regarding her departure, Carola de Moras stressed that she was unfair, "but we must find our space inside the injustice, which is not a tantrum … There are situations that need to be explored and tired and tired, many things have been accumulated .

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