Wednesday , May 18 2022

Carola de Moras explained the disappearance of the Teleton closure


A "blend" attributed to Carolina de Moras had been suspended by telethon at the National Stadium.

Thus, cheerleader only found the next day that his presence did not appear in the trending topic on Twitter.

Not only was this a wave theory of supposed motivations that was not present at the end of solidarity at the same time.

He repeated that he was caught by Rafa Araneda and that's why he left behind.


But Carolina was the one to make out the lie, and that was the only "confusion".

Of course, she said she was going to the event with her daughter and two young nephews, which she decided to leave early.

"I think they were not disturbed, they did not warn them. I was with little children and they were very crazy, very sleepy. When I was in the car, they told me that he called Don Francisco. I do not know that", Carola said

Meanwhile he said "I did not tell anyone, or to say goodbye to each other, there were many people behind, of course Teletearians and people on the ground warned me and said goodbye … I think they confused and did not warn people (from stage to step) under".

He said after leaving the seat "I came to my house to give me food for the children, to put pajamas and not the best character. Five hours were with me and they were terrifying.".

"I also destroyed myself, when I went to Teleton tonight, I did not sleep and the collapse … I found this morning about Twitter and I did not understand anything"he said.

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