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Carola de Moras explains the truth of a "disappearance" of the National Glamorama


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / December 2, 2018

Carola de Moras tells Glamorama In the end, her daughter and daughter had two young nephews, very tired at home, when friends and neighbors began to send messages.

Don Francisco called him to the American stadium, ten people and television.

Mario Kreuzztberger did not answer. Critik Sánchez only said, in the air, that Carolina was not there because she was supposed to have a problem.

The episode was immediately commented on Twitter. The name of the driver was raised at the top of the "trending topic" of the social network and a wave of gigantic tricks on De Moras.

Carolina has found all this and explains that it was a mess. He said that there was no problem.

He spent the night on the telethon, and since then he has been with his daughter and two young nephews yesterday. After lunch he asked everything in the National Party and after an embrace of animators, he warned that he did not return more with their children.

Make sure it was not drama and everything was good. He had to be a "confusion". That night, in the heat of transmission, Don Francisco may not have warned that Carolina did not appear. These are his words:

What happened last night in National National?

Carolina de Moras: "I think they were not disturbed, they did not warn them. They walked with little children and were very sleepy, when I was in the car, they told me that Don Francisco called me. I think he did not know."

Did you notice the withdrawal from the National? Did you say hello?

"I did not say anyone, or to say goodbye to each other, because there were a lot of people behind. But, of course, they told me the teletype and the people on the ground and I told them politely … I think they were a mess and they did not tell people who were on the bottom.

What did you think after the subsequent comments and theories on Twitter?

"I came home to feed the children, put pajamas and not the best character (laughter). It was five hours that they were with me and it was terrifying.

"I also destroyed, I spent the night of Telethon, I did not sleep and I collapsed … I found this morning about Twitter and I did not understand anything (laughter)."

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