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Carola de Moras replied to Nacho Gutiérrez Glamorama

Author: A. C. / February 26, 2019

"It's so hard that Carola de Moras is dead," said Nacho Gutiérrez on Good morning on Monday.

Everything was born early in the morning, former Vina animator around Martin Cárcamo and María Godoy's playwright.

Carola's opinion, in El Mucho Gusto, sparked strong responses from Nacho from the morning of Nacho TVN. On Tuesday, the Mega program responded forcefully.

De Moras returned to the panel Mucho Gusto and told José Miguel Viñuela and Paty Maldonado the TV driver:

José Miguel Viñuela: "For all people in social networks, because they love it, I am surprised if they did not talk about the performance of the animators, so I do not know how to watch the show. It's important that Carola and Paty continue to use animation analyzes, so they do not say that they're talking bad about animators. They're talking because they have not talked yet "

Carola de Moras: "It's not yesterday. I think those who are doing now, in a different channel, say, especially as an old cheerleader, we've talked badly, I'm surprised, because we talked about good animators.

"We said they were great, they were great powers, they made fantasy. For the first time, the first year, I did. The first day I stretched my tongue a little, I died cold, I almost fell, it was a huge dress and hairdresser He left me a prick.

"I have enough self-criticism and I know it's a very bad thing, because I admire how they have done it. I'm surprised that they only keep those thoughts"

Paty Maldonado: "This is true in this type of event, this is a show that is part of this Kahuineo," said Carola de Moras, Maria Luisa Godoy, at least. "She was here yesterday. That's the intention, spectacular, attractive, kids, why?

"We need to create a controversy, but at a good level, at a good level. We will consider ourselves as private, that is, if it's a party, entertain us, but we do not sow evil herbs.

Buzzards: "Do you know? It's a good thing about the wicked, now it's true, especially television, it's engraved. So, I doubt that panel, and especially anyone with bad criticism, something about the animators.

"And nowadays people are personally, resentment, anger, what you want to call. I do not understand how they're guessing. This is the only problem to show their animators.

"We are doing a very good job in this panel, for example, when I was a cheerleader at the Festival.

"When I was a cheerleader at the Festival I was clear, they criticized me in all channels, as well as some characters"

"A journalist who spoke to me said:" What do you think this man has said about this channel? "I said the first one:" I was in the air, so I did not watch TV and I do not know what you are saying. They told me about it and I was discussing what a picture was about. Secondly, to find out where the previous animators' manual is, first review workshops or secretary I would like to know whether former or former engineers or former economists can be overwhelmed.

"I think the decline in freedom of speech in this country will not return to future times."

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