Monday , October 25 2021

Carrillino criticizes Catrillanca for downloading his weapon: "I do not know why I shot"


Carlos Alarcón, who recorded a video with a lying impersonator, did not only accept his weapon to stop the tractor from shooting Camilo Catrillanca, but he also apologized.

Thus, at least, said La Araucanía, Cristian Paredes, and the Human Rights Unit coordinator, Roberto Garrido, as reported. Third.

He has stressed an accident

"As I said before, I shot the tractor, but I never wanted to kill or kill a person who was disturbed," said the former sergeant, imprisoned, against Catrillanca against murder attempts.

"I was in front of the tractor, I cried to stop, but they did not listen to me, I rotated and shot him, I shot close to it, I calculated about 20 meters, when the shots started. When I pulled the tractor I shot it, but stopped my intention It was done, that's why I shot the shots, "added Uniform Officials.

He was afraid

In that regard, his intention never became a member of the Mapuche community. "I cried out several times, but they did not do it, adrenaline, the police did not make me jealousy, I did not know why I fired, I do not know how it happened at that moment," he said.

He added: "I was sad about what happened, and I remember that the tractor was very light man and I never wanted to shoot, much less hurt or kill him."

He tolerated induction

In that regard, he stressed from the beginning how things happened to him, but he prevented him from ordering uniformity.

"I realized that Colonel (Jorge) Contreras had shot himself, and he said, my grandfather's words," Calm down, son "… Soon afterwards, my boss, my Valdivieso Mayor and my Victory Mayor arrived. Sergeant Sepúlveda , the head of the device, said what happened to the residence, "he said.

He also accused the lawyer who advised uniforms in the first minutes. "The lawyer was constantly talking to someone on the phone, I do not know who, but after listening to my version I went out and returned to the office." After reporting the reported versions, the lawyer told us we had said warnings or dissuasive shots and we did not shoot the tractor. "He said.

"When we met the tractor, when I felt the distance of the planes, I clearly wanted to say, but I did not face it," said the statement.

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