Wednesday , May 18 2022

CASA 212: The Camiroaga family wants to reiterate the decision to exclude the excluded margin


du Felipe Camiroaga's dead television director He decided to abolish the ruling of the Third Judicial Court of the National High Court of Justice, which rejected 15 million victims of the victims of the 21-month accident on the CASA 212 accident in the archipelago on September 2, 2011. Juan Fernández.

It should be remembered that the judge said that Mrs Santander Guerra was a "fast-paced event," due to the fact that the accident is due to bad weather conditions and the "fach" of the Chilean Air Force's negligence.

Given that, according to Mercury, Julio Pellegrini, Juan Carlos Manríquez and Fernando Zúñiga, lawyers representing the Camiroaga family, Ask the Valparaiso Court of Appeals to refuse the sentence and the Treasury must pay 960 million weights because of the moral harm they demand in their individual civil action.

They argue that the magistrate made several mistakes Considering, for example, that ship fuels mitigate the excess weight of the aircraft and reduce arbitrarily the factor "prevents the autonomy and foreclosure of its flight".

They ask that Robinson Crusoe's island protocols and aerodromes do not meet the minimum safety requirements.

They denounce nine negligent faculties

In the appeal, they also indicated the nine negligence of the accident factors They have called for a contractual liability statement.

"As with the planning and execution of the aircraft (without negligence), CASA 212 aircraft did not start the trip" Maintenance errors and flight plans ";" Failure would be to correct ", for example, the lack of autonomy of flight for another flight," or, at least, what is planned would not be an area that is currently limited, "they argue.

In this context, according to the indiscriminate accusations, "consciously", the bill "prevented the return of an airline twice as much as the passenger needed, without fuel", forced the rider to land or die.

The courts rejected the 15 cases against the Treasury 32 thousand 891 million 591 thousand 308 pesos.

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