Saturday , May 21 2022

Casablanca: a dead man and 23 injured in buses and small vehicles


A serious traffic accident was organized on Friday evening Bus Pullman with a passenger and a van Quilpué and Casablanca, in the region of Valparaíso, on the F-50 road.

According to the first theater performed before, that is face to face he was at least A dead man and more than twenty wounded.

"There is not a dead man and 23 people injured by bus – I was there with 40 travelers – ", confirmed the governor of Valparaiso, María de los Angeles de la Paz.

"The route is blocked and therefore we recommend alternative routes for everyone", seven ambulances were opened, Internal Security, Fire, Casablanca and Valparaiso emergency units. "

According to previous information, it was an accident poor maneuvering of small vehiclesHe went to Casablanca, trying to face him, on the opposite side of the front, going in the opposite direction.

This was explained Captain Carlos Reyes to the Radio Carabineros, said "the truck went to Casabalanca on the F-50 road, which was later driven by a maneuver with the bus, a vehicle driver (small) losing his life."

All the wounded were taken to the Casablanca hospital. According to the latest SAMU personnel report, 13 of them were affected: Bus drivers are serious and life at risk, Resulting from the campus of the Carlos Van Buren Hospital in Valparaiso during the surgery.

Dr Hassan Escobar explained that "it is in a serious condition, it is surprised and has a smaller rupture. Stabilized and now it's a pavilion, a lot of blood loss. "

"With massive hemorrhage, it is likely that if the patient does not die right away immediately," he said.

On the other hand, the governor of Marga Marga, Carolina Corti, he called "Walking comfortably at times, do not rushIn order to avoid future accidents, we will regret some tragedies. Regarding the Marga Marga province, since the beginning of this season, you know that a lot of people from Santiago have come to promote routes such as Lo Orozco and La Dormida, but the drivers are pretty careful about the route. "

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