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Case Catrillanca: The prosecution expels against the police



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This Friday from 9:00 p.m. Collipulli Guarantee CourtIt has been formalized Camilo Catrillanca is killed four carabineros.

The Supreme Court was sent afterwards Tax case, Cristián ParedesIt will confirm the receipt of a survey carried out by the Police Research staff (PDI). In addition, they have already had "specific results of the research".


18:11 | 7:00 pm Magistrate Sanda Nahuelcura will notify you Precautionary measures of the accused.

6:00 p.m. | President Sebastián Piñera He mentioned the formalist hearing about the death of Camilo Catrillanca: "We support the Office of the Attorney's Office, we believe that Carabineros plays an essential role in the security of the people, and I appreciate it and I appreciate it, but with the same power, we condemn it and we will not have to act outside the law"he said.

17:51 | "As it can be seen in the air, the vehicles seem like objects that move and move, but those with 700 meters of altitude seem to have little precision"said the fiscal Roberto Garrido in the declaration of pilot helicopters.

17:38 | Alexander Scheneider Defender highlights the possibility of murder of Camilo Catrillanca's death: "It is possible that an accident will arrive, I am not guessing myself, I only say the officials' statement", she assured her.

17:15 | "Catrillanca was born after about 45 minutes, the plans were felt"said Sebastián Saavedra, prosecutor and friend Camilo Catrillanca.

17:11 | "The frustrated manslaughter has the participation of the four imputed", said the legal representative of the National Human Rights Institute (INDH). The Ombudsman's Office also requires the prevention of preventative detention for the accused.

17:03 | "If I have a M4 rifle and shoot myself against a person, I can not know that I did not attack his life", says the persecutor.

5:00 PM | One hour and a half hour, the audience begins again. The prosecutor takes it to the ground Jorge Calderaza.

15:32 | The defender assures that the two carabineros could respond to an attack, as the pilot helicopter that participated in the operation said: "In both cases, we will require precautionary measures with less intensity, in this case it could be after-night detention"he explained.

15:16 | "It is impossible for my representatives to believe that they are going to do justice "Defender defendant

15:01 | "The driver who had been complacent was told to hear him vacuum and he heard the bullet leave the body of the vehicle."says the defense lawyer.

14:57 | "The Prosecutor's Office is not a potential report or a history or chance"The defense lawyer said about the confrontation of the versions, which confirmed that four soldiers were attacked." We will attack and murmur. "

14:44 | Alexander Schneider, Defender of uniforms, be sure not to squeeze the death of Camilo Catrillanca.

14:35 | "The direction of the projection goes back to the rear, somewhat slightly lower than the direct impact," says Saavedra.

14:34 | Saavedra lawyer: Mr. (Carlos) Alarcón, in his final statement, when he is shooting, shows his driver's face and says he has seen a mustache.

14:32 | Catrillanca, Sebastián Saavedra, adolescent family lawyerAlex Lemun, Jaime Mendoza Collío and Matías Catrileo were killed.

14:09 | Nelson Miranda, lawyer of the family Catrillanca, the small witness that explains "was the only truth that told me".

14:06 | Ombudsman's Office Lawyer, Juan Pavez Farias, has indicated that the accused authorities are threatening their safety with Camilo Catrillanca.

13:42 | du Lawyer at the Human Rights Institute, Gloria Painemillawill demand the accused of an arrested detention and will provide him with the safety of the investigation.

13:38 | Internal Ministry Lawyer: It is impossible to hide the hidden hiding of the carabinieri, the cancellation of the situation " which is not climbing. "

13:33 | Formation of four uniformed soldiers has been restarted.

13:04 | The judge determines a 15-minute break to scream inside the room.

13:03 | They stopped interrupting the operation by the public in the room.

13:01 | "Here is the shot that almost destroyed the head of a young man"In the words of the lawyer of the Interior Ministry, he excludes the previous version.

12:57 | Luis Hermosilla's lawyer, Representatives of the Interior Ministry request a custodial detention Four former officials of the Carabineros.

12:55 | Garrido Fiscal declares The accused is at risk of social security. "Demonstration is that freedom is a risk to research safety".

12:49 | "It is obvious that there were lies (from the beginning of the research to the ex-uniformed one)"said the Prosecutor in Calderara.

12:40 | The prosecutor reads the claim Ávila explained that at the time of the procedure he had no memory card in his GoPro camera, which was released after the bathroom was released.

12:34 | Calderaria reads the statements of the detainees and made sure that they did not make any camera at the time of the procedure.

12:31 | du Attorney Jorge Calderara According to Carabineros, Catrillanca and his friend crossed the fire. "This police sharing is not true".

12:22 | du tax on Roberto Garrido He explained that the attack on civil servants began an hour at the death of Catrillanca when it was reserved for the place of the event.

12:15 | The prosecution stated that "there is no report on attacks on firearms, there is no reason to justify the use of the weapon".

12:11 | The prosecutor Roberto Garrido shows the video captured by the officials. Video capture is Raúl Ávila, with its GoPro camera helmet.
Check out the video HERE.

12:06 | Claimant Confirmed "the victim had a direct impact on himself"and more than one shot was made.

12:01 | A test is shown, Camilo Catrillanca killed the bullet type. "Camilo Catrillanca's shot is a direct impact," explained the lawyer.

11:59 | The family of Camilo Catrillanca does not leave the courts because of the sensitive images of the Public Ministry and court judges.

11:56 | The Ministry asks for it preventative detention In this case, in the case of four accused. In addition, photos and videos of the area where the usual death occurred. Families are reported to be sensitive records.

11:54 | Walls Raul Ávila accused of "causing serious damage to the public cause" after concealing the memory card with your GoPro camera.

11:50 | du According to the accused, the existence of the planes that they received was "false statements", said the Public Prosecutor.

11:48 | The prosecutor affirms that Carlos Alarcón Molina leaped his shot.

11:47 | Fiscal Paredes: Ávila Morales and Alarcón Molina, "without any circumstance and justification "they used the weapons they fired Camilo Catrillanca was under the direction of the tractor.

11:46 | du Fiscal Cristián Paredes The notes were reported to officials during an operation after denouncing theft of three vehicles. "Apart from service armor, there was a GoPro camera installed in Raul Ávila Morales".

11:43 | The judge has confirmed that the arrest of four uniformed officers is legal and that the formalization continues.

11:30 | The members of the family of Camilo Catrillanca are in the formalization auditorium.

11:18 | Defense attorneys consider illegal detention four former civil servants.

11:16 | Listen to former four carabinieri, detained for death Camilo Catrillanca.

10:17 | Family Camilo Cartrillanca and members of the community are expected to formalize four of the deceased members' deaths.

9:50 | Recess is paid 1 hour and 15 minutes.

9:46 | The judge explained that the ex-uniformed person reported these crimes:

  • Patricio Sepúlveda Muñoz: Penalty against justice
  • Carlos Alarcón Molina: Homicide and justice hindrance
  • Braulio Valenzuela Aránguiz: Penalty against justice
  • Raúl Ávila Morales: Homicide, obstruction of justice and evidence of destruction

9:38 | Camilo Catrillanca said that "they are concerned about police protection, we are located in the region, we do not want in that situation."

What we know

Mapuche community died on September 14 After collecting it on his head, when Carabineros started an operation, he received it later Anonymous report on a Temucuikui theft of vehicles.

In the first version, Uniforms assured that the incident was not an audiovisual record, since it was time to install GoPro cameras. However, he was later acquainted One of them destroys the memory card He was supposed to endanger images with his partner.

Chadwick's minister explained that the uniformed form will be formalized homicide, attempted murder, destruction of evidence and obstruction against justice.

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